Q&A with John Streif

John Streif came to Iowa in 1966 as a student and has never left. He has experienced countless games on the Hawkeye sidelines as the team’s athletic trainer, but remembers the Capitol One Bowl particularly well–even though he missed seeing THE CATCH live.

“I remember the entire Iowa team and fans going crazy and the LSU fans being stunned. Everyone felt we should take a timeout, but to be honest I felt if we had they may have put 11 players in the end zone to make sure we did not score. So special because of Warren catching it and his only touchdown catch and being such a hardworking walk-on and a very special man; no one was more deserving of the honor.”

What were you doing when the play unfolded?

“I was in the locker room and kind of going back and forth to the field and watching on TV. To be honest, I get so emotional at the end of close games I start coughing and gagging and have to get out of there and by myself to pace! I always go in the last few minutes of he game to make sure postgame food, buses, etc., are ready but sometimes that may just be because of emotions (laughs).”

Where does this rank for you in terms of the best plays youve witnessed?

“Of course it is right up there and probably would be the best, although everyone can remember the field goal to put us in the Rose Bowl. So as you get as old as me there are many special plays, but this has to rank right up there.”


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