Q&A with Ed Hinkel

“First of all, going back to the huddle, we had the penalty which we thought the clock was going to stop until we snap the ball again. As we’re coming out of the huddle, we realized the clock was starting, and luckily the play that we had called was a deep pass play going vertical down the field. I was on the far right side, Warren was to the inside of me, and I think Scott Chandler and Clinton Solomon were on the back side of it. It all kind of happened real fast. We came out of the huddle, the clock was running. Drew told us to hurry up and get going. He snapped the ball. Originally, I thought the ball was coming to me on the outside. Then I saw Warren coming up the middle and him coming over to the ball. I just tried to shield the guy tha was covering me from tackling him once he caught it. I kind of nudged him in the side and he fell down. Warren caught the ball and walked into the end zone.”

Where did that rank in terms of best moments of your career?

“Its tough to say. That one was special because it was a bowl game, it was the last play, it was a huge moment for our team. I’d say it is in the top five for me, memories of us playing. Winning the Big Ten championship in ’04 was probably the best moment, and that whole season. And winning it in ’02. I guess I would say its definitely a top five memory for me. I don’t know if it was number one, but it was definitely special.”


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