Hawkeye Mount Rushmore


Vote early, vote often for who you’d like to see on the Hawkeye Mount Rushmore.
Vote in these eight match-ups until next Wednesday, April 20th.



7 Comments on “Hawkeye Mount Rushmore”

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  2. Jeff McGinness says:

    Seriously, no Dan Gable?

  3. Catherine Breitenbucher says:

    What a fun idea! You need to add some WOMEN Athletes or administrators / coaches, as well as individuals from other sports. Go Hawks!

  4. Yes, I also want to see the WOMEN athletes!!!

  5. Joe says:

    Dan Gable
    Vivian Stringer
    Hayden Fry
    Don Nelson
    Nile Kinnick

  6. Mike says:

    Wrestling would have to have its own Mt. Hawkeye. Dan Gable, Tom Brands, Terry Brands, Lincoln McIlravy.

    For Men’s fball/bball…

    Nile Kinnick, Chuck Long, Hayden Fry, and Tom Davis. We love all of you guys, past and present.

    Honorable mention goes to Acie Earl’s fade, Les Jepsen, Jake Christensen, and AIRBHG.

  7. Chuck says:

    What about Chris Street? I think he should have at least be on the vote.

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