Hawkeye Mount Rushmore ROUND 2


Vote early, vote often for who you’d like to see on the Hawkeye Mount Rushmore.

Fans can vote in these four match-ups until next Wednesday, April 27th. Choose wisely, the four winners will be the ones enshrined on the Mount Rushmore of Hawkeye Greats.


3 Comments on “Hawkeye Mount Rushmore ROUND 2”

  1. […] CLICK HERE to vote on the Second Round Match-Ups […]

  2. Mongo says:

    Mongo had tough decision on Ronnie Lester v Tim Dwight. Ronnie Lester may be the most exciting and talented BB player ever at Iowa. And Tim Dwight, well, there’s perhaps NEVER ANYWHERE been more exciting w/ a FB in their hands/

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