Hawkeye Mount Rushmore

What if the University of Iowa built a Mount Rushmore to honor former Iowa football and basketball players?

Hawkeye Locator is giving YOU the opportunity to determine which former Iowa football & basketball stars should forever be enshrined on the Hawkeye Mount Rushmore.

We’ve selected 16 former players and set up a bracket-style tournament to determine which four Hawkeyes will make the cut. Once the Final Four is set, there will be a final vote to decide who is the greatest former Hawkeye of All-Time.

Click Here to vote on the First Round Match-ups

First Round: April 13 to April 20

Second Round: April 20 to April 27

Third Round: April 29 to May 4

Final Round: May 4 to May 11


4 Comments on “Hawkeye Mount Rushmore”

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  2. Alex says:

    So coaches are not allowed, only players? Hayden Fry NEEDS to be on there. People like Howard Jones, Evy, and Bucky O’Connor also need to be considered even though they were coaches. Their impact merits it.

  3. ryan says:

    why is this limited to football and basketball? I think you will find most Hawkeye fans would argue that Dan Gable has made more of an impact than any of the coaches or players selected above.

    • Alan says:

      I’m glad they included players only, although I think they should have included wrestlers too. Coaches have too much presence in college sports. They would shadow the players. If Mt. Rushmore included the coaches, the only player to make it would be Nile Kinnick, and your Mt. Rushmore would be Kinnick, Hayden, Gable, and either Stringer, Lute, Evy, or Ferentz. Give the coaches their own Mt. Rushmore, and let the players (including wrestlers!!!!!!!) have their own.

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