Dallas Clark to Appear on Episode of “Criminal Minds”

Photo from ESPN.com

Dallas Clark is accustomed to being seen on CBS, except usually it’s when the Indianapolis Colts are playing on Sundays.

The former Hawkeye tight end will be on the television network for a different reason Wednesday night, making his acting debut on the CBS TV series Criminal Minds. The episode will air at 8 p.m. central time.

Clark will play the role of San Diego police officer Austin Kent in the episode titled, “The Stranger.” He told CBSSports.com that pursuing the role had nothing to do with money or the NFL Lockout, but rather to fulfill a lifelong dream of being an actor.

The Pro Bowl tight end filmed the episode last March after being introduced to Criminal Minds writer Rick Dunkle at a Colts game in December. Clark missed nearly all of the 2010 NFL season after tearing a ligament in his wrist on Oct. 17.

Clark said he’s “living the dream,” and while he has no performing experience, the All-Pro tight end did take a couple of acting classes during his time at Iowa. He certainly isn’t planning on giving up football anytime soon, but the former Hawkeye said he wouldn’t mind giving acting a try after his NFL career.

“I’ve got two lines to impress somebody,” Clark told ProFootballTalk.com.  “That’s my goal. I’ve got to impress someone.”


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